Why Gap?

….Why not?

Take a Well Deserved Break

At one time or another, everybody feels the need to take a break. The need to get away from the every day grind. Whether it be a student or a full time work veteran, we all day dream about spontaneously booking a flight to leave it all behind and see the world. So why not take a Gap?
People often question the concept of taking a Gap Year particularly if it means leaving a secure job or jetting off after graduating high school. It isn’t be the right decision for everybody. After finishing the final exams and waving goodbye to school, some students feel the pressure to go straight to university and continue studying. While for some career driven individuals university may be a natural choice to make, for others its a stressful ordeal of not knowing what field to get into. For these young people it can be extremely beneficial to take a break before signing up for another three plus years of study. If this is you, you are not alone…keep reading.


A Gap allows you to celebrate your achievement. You have just finished around 12 years of monotonous, study. The routine of white boards, text books and school uniforms are no longer a part of your world. Months of exams and brain draining late nights have come to an end. Regardless of your results you deserve a pat on the back for making it to the finish line. A holiday has been well earned and it’s important to wind down and rest after this stressful time.

Save Money

Yes, it’s going to take a lot of hard work and long hours to save the money for a big trip. People might tell you that taking a Gap is an easy way to waste a lot of money. However, if you are unsure of what to study or what area you want to work in, you will potentially waste thousands of dollars on a course at university that you may not end up finishing in the long run due to a rushed decision.

Postpone Studies or Work

The other comment you will probably hear is, “if you don’t go to university now, you’ll never go at all.” This is definitely not the case. Commit to signing up to a course and defer it for a year so that you have a back up option when you return. According to the National Center for Education Statistics in a 2013 survey of 300 American gap year students, it was found that 90% went to university within one year of the trip.

Learn While you Travel

Although you may be postponing your education or your career you are gaining an invaluable cultural experience that will last you a lifetime. Before you know it you’ll be using your old maths equations to work out exchange rates and your art history essay to analyze an original Monet. Most importantly, being away from your family and home is often what builds independence, self-confidence and problem solving skills that are needed later in life, particularly in the work place.

Study or Volunteer Abroad

Even for those who are ready to go straight to university it is still an option to do a semester of international exchange or volunteering to reap these benefits of travelling in your younger years.

Make the Most of Your Freedom

Last but not least, the reason why this is the best time to take a big trip is because it could be one of the few times in your life when you are completely commitment free! As the years go on, you eventually begin ticking the boxes of university, work, relationships, paying rent and many other bills which make it hard to find the time and money for an extended break. Sure, there’s always the opportunity for a holiday every now and then, but when will you be able to travel freely without anything holding you back? Who knows!?

Now is your time to explore. So start Gap Mapping!

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