What is The Gap Map?

The Gap Map - budget travel

The Gap Map is a source of information for everything budget travel. Find fully planned itineraries catered to backpackers wanting to stretch their pennies far and wide. All details are provided through calendars and maps that point out the most cost effective routes and destinations. Find tips for budget accomodation, cheap eats, events and transport.

Budget travellers are commonly students taking a ‘Gap Year’ post high school. In the lead up to the big trip, the focus is on long hours of school and work while trying to save every penny. Within no time they’re on the plane with no idea of exactly where they’re going or what their plan is. The Gap Map is to be used as a tool to help guide them from A to B without them having to spend hours researching.

The first independent trip can be intimidating. The Gap Map itineraries allow young adventurers to go away confidently and armed with all of the advice they need. Of course it’s great to be spontaneous. There’s no need to book the entire trip in advanced. However, a draft itinerary for reference can prevent inexperienced travellers from making rushed decisions and they can save a lot of time and money in the long run.

The Gap Map itineraries are designed to be flexible and can be download, edited and saved, to suit the individuals needs. Travel without the schedule and costs of an organized tour group or travel agent but still have the reliability of a rough plan in your pocket.

All of the most common questions are answered on the Tips n tricks page. How to handle your money? What to pack ? And how to stay safe when in a foreign country?

Has Mum or Dad watched the movie ‘Taken’ one too many times? Sharing an itinerary with parents can help to put their minds at ease and make the trip safer. It allows family and friends to stay in the loop about what the rough plan is. Feel free to share, send or print the mapped routes provided on the Destinations page.

The Gap Map is here to help you plan the time of your life!