Spain is one of Europes most popular destinations for its dry and warm climate, stunning coastline, rich culture and entertainment. From Flamenco dancing to bull fighting to unique architecture, nightlife and Tapas. Go to the worlds best clubs in Ibiza, the tomato festival in Buñol and explore the busy city of Barcelona. There’s plenty to spice up your trip to Spain.
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Travel from Nice in France on an over night bus to Lloret de Mar on the coast of Spain. See the map below for your route details and enjoy summer in Spain!



1. Lloret de Mar
You will not be the only tourist on this stretch of coast. The Costa Brava is extremely popular in the summer for its sandy beaches and great nightlife. Relax, swim, soak up the sun and have a cocktail! Get more details here.

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2. Barcelona

No trip to Spain is complete without visiting Barcelona. Although it is not the capital, Barcelona is significantly more popular with travellers than Madrid because of its coastal location. A long sandy beach, wild night life, shopping and Catalan cuisine are just a few of the things that await you in Barca. Get more Barcelona details here.


3. Ibiza
Famous world wide for its epic parties hosting the rich and famous, top DJ’s and huge venues, Ibiza is expensive but can be done on a budget if you can resist the islands many temptations. Get more Ibiza details here.

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4. Valencia
Buñol lies just outside of Valencia and is the home of La Tomatina. Get ready to get dirty and paint the town red at the worlds biggest food fight event! Get more Valencia details here.

5. Seville

In this case when following The Gap Map itinerary, Seville is just a destination to pass through for one night when en route to Portugal. Despite the short stay, there is still some time see the sights. Get more Seville details here.

Itinerary Note:
If you are following The Gap Map itinerary this is where you leave Spain to move on to Portugal. You will return via Northern Spain and visit San Sebastian on the coast before crossing the border back to France. See the above map for the route details.


6. San Sebastian
World renowned chefs, pintxos bars and beautiful beaches make San Sebastian an ideal holiday destination in Spain and the foodie capital of the country. Visit this town on the Bay of Biscay before crossing the border back into France. See more San Sebastian details here

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Follow The Gap Map itinerary and travel through Spain in two parts. Go from Seville to Lagos in Portugal. Then return via Northern Spain and visit San Sebastian on the coast before crossing the border back to France via Hossegor. See the above map for the route details.