Where to go

1. Lagos
2. Lisbon

Soft sandy beaches, quiet walking tracks and secluded caves await you on the coast of Portugal. Red tiled roofs cover the capital city where great restaurants, wine bars and nightclubs keep the streets alive almost 24 hours a day. Experience both the small sea side towns as well as the metropolitan side Portugal. The train network makes day trips and travel in general accessible and easy.


Take a bus from Seville in Spain on to Lagos in Portugal. You can book through Damas for about 21 Euro and the journey is about 4.5 hours.

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Follow The Gap Map itinerary and make Lagos the first stop in Portugal. A rugged coastline with pristine beaches and a quaint old town that boasts a surprisingly large club scene popular with young travellers. Stay up all night and sleep all day with the sand between your toes. Get the details here

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2. Lisbon
Portugals struggle with the economy makes Lisbon one of the most affordable cities in Europe. With a very multicultural feel, you will notice a large variety in the cuisine and in the atmosphere of different hubs of the city. Steep hills don’t make it the easiest place for sight seeing on foot so make use of the overground electric trolleys. Get the details here including day trips to Cascais, Sintra and Belem.

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Catch an overnight train from Lisbon to San Sebastian station Donosita in Spain costing between 30 and 50 Euro. This is a 13 hr trip and can be expensive but it will save paying for a nights accommodation. Renfe train booked through rail Europe. Book here.

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