Follow The Gap Map itinerary found on the main Europe page and catch the train from Bari to Naples! The trenitalia website allows you to see time tables and book tickets online if you subscribe for membership. Always make sure that when buying your tickets you are looking at all train options including the intercity and regional trains which are slower but cheaper than the fast ‘Frece’ trains.


Napoli, the home of the cheesy treat that’s loved world wide, the genius locals of Napoli are said to have invented the pizza. This city is unlike any other in Italy. You won’t find the pristine tourist monuments, clear rivers and quiet cobblestone laneways that other cities have to offer. Napoli is a different kettle of fish. The city is pure chaos. Vespas weave in and out of cars on the street and through pedestrians on the side walks. Drivers honk loudly and passionately at the injustice of every red light expecting that they might be able to turn it green by force. Police and Ambulance sirens will wake you before your alarm does and good luck keeping your wallet in your pocket. The thieves here are masters of their trade. This crazy city takes some guts and wits to make it around in one piece but it’s so worth it if you want to see a different side of Italy.

If you can over look the garbage that overflows onto every street, the homeless people and the beggars, you can have a really authentic experience here. Cheap food, sunglasses, shoes and bags all sold on every street corner mainly by dodgy looking characters competing for the lowest prices. Feel free to bargain down your purchases and you’ll probably find it to be the cheapest shopping in Italy.

Don’t miss views over the golf of Naples and Mount Vesuvius, beautiful parks on the water front and watching the fishermen bring in their latest catch in the early mornings.

Napoli Harbor Italy

The University area has a buzz about it with lots of young people, graffiti and music stores lining the street. Go for a drink in Piazza Bellini under the umbrellas.

Napoli Italy

Piazza Gesu is where you can visit one of Napolis most interesting churches. The outside of it is an example of amazing stone masonry and is different to any other church you will see. The inside is painted from floor to ceiling with intricate detail.

Piazza Plebiscito is located in the centre of the city. If you walk through the piazza you will be lead out to the harbour area where you can stroll along the foreshore.

Piazza Plebiscito Napoli Italy

Walk around the Harbour Area and Certosa di S.Martino. Hike to the top of a hill where you can see a panoramic views over the whole city and harbour.

Napoli Harbour

Pompei is a sight that interests most tourists when visiting Napoli. If you like history, architecture or geology definitely go. A guided tour costs 12 Euro and it doesn’t include the entry ticket which costs another 11 Euro. It is probably best to walk around on your own to save you the extra cost. You can take a map and go at your own pace. Read up on it before you go so you know a bit about the area. The grounds of the Pompei ruins are huge and it would take you all day to see the whole thing. For this reason it’s best to go in the morning. Keep in mind you aren’t allowed to take big bags inside so take a small one with water and snacks as there’s nowhere to eat inside the grounds. Head to the new city of Pompei afterwards for lunch. See the food recommendation in the Eat section.

Via Diomede Marvasi is the street to visit for food markets. You will see Italian locals here buying their fish, bread, veggies and everything in between. In the Piazza Mercato you will also find second hand clothing. Check out the little restaurants on this strip for cheap eats like Pizzeria Vesuviana listed in the Eat section below.

Napoli fresh food markets


Da Michele is the pizzeria where Julie Roberts munched on her Margherita in the film Eat, Pray, Love. Expect to wait in a queue for about an hour but be sure to take a number first. When you are finally called it will be worth the wait. This rustic restaurant is absolutely no fuss. You wont find table cloths or fancy menus. There are only two pizzas to choose from: Margherita and Marinara, the latter being without cheese. The few options that they offer have been mastered since 1870 and are considered to be the best pizzas in Napoli, and therefore… the world!
Via Serale, 13, Napoli.

Pizzeria Vesuviana is where locals pick up there pizzas and snacks on a small street in the food market area. The takeaway menu on display outside is written in English and has all of the usual options. If you can manage to learn some simple Italian they will offer you a ‘locals’ menu where everything is about 1 Euro cheaper. Don’t take offence, this is simply the Napolitan way! You will find yourself digging into a Margherita for just 3 Euro. Try the Quattro Stagione or ‘Four Seasons’ for a taste of everything. The pizza is divided with something different on each slice. Ham, Artichokes, Olives and Margherita.
Also not to be missed are the deep fried Zucchini flowers and Eggplant in the window. These little snacks will only set you back 30 cents and they are delicious!! Be sure to ask for salt on top.
Terza Traversa Garibaldi 4, 80142 Napoli.

Deep fried Zucchini Flowers and Eggplant

Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba is right in the university area and is the oldest pizzeria in Napoli, slicing up the good stuff since 1738. If you’re a pizza lover you have to tick this off the bucket list.
Via Port’Alba, 18, Napoli

Gino Sorbillo pizzeria was recently crowned with the Guinness World Record title of ‘longest pizza in the world’. Located on the water front in Napoli, the pizza stretched for a whopping two kilometres!
Via dei Tribunali, 32, 80138, Napoli

Cuori di Sfogliatella is the best place to get the famous Sfogliatella sweet. It’s a dessert that is from the Napoli area and also comes in a savory version. Here they have a variety of flavours and you can sit outside. It’s right across the road from the Garibaldi train station so hold onto your bags and wallets in this area. You can also make your own cannoli here choosing your own fillings and toppings. Try the ricotta filling topped with pistachio for a more traditional take.
There is another branch of this patisserie called Antica Pasticceria located on Croso Navona 1E/F, Napoli.

Addu’Mimu has a garden terrace out the back where you can sit and enjoy delicious pasta for around 5 Euro. You will have the opportunity to explore the new city of Pompei which many visitors don’t see.
Via Roma, 61, 80045, Pompei

Granita is an icy lemon drink that is served all over the South of Italy. Try the lemon flavour to cool you down on a hot day. It’s served at small carts on the street all over the city.


Head down to the harbor area around Borgo Marinari for a drink with a beautiful water view.


Next stop, Amalfi Coast. To get there, catch the ‘circumsuviana train’ from Napoli Station to Sorrento. From there you also have the option to continue on by bus to Positano which is about a 1 hour drive.