Just a stones throw from the South of Spain this North African country offers a different experience to anywhere else that you’ll go on your Europe Gap Map. Travelling through Morocco you will smell the spices in the market places, drink the sweetest orange juice, join the flow of people rushing through the streets of Marrakech and witness the silence and solitude of the Sahara Desert.

Always refer to the safety guidelines on your government website

Travellers of most nationalities can visit Morocco for up to three months without a visa. Check your local moroccan consulate website for details on entry requirements to the country.

The Gap Map itinerary allows a one month stay in Morocco to be included in the Europe Gap Map itinerary as a flexi option. This means that it can be inserted into the itinerary anywhere that the flights are most affordable.
Fly into Casablanca and refer to the map below

Scroll down for info on Moroccan destinations.

Fast Facts
– Currency: Moroccan Dirham
– Language: Arabic, Berber and French
– Religion: Islam
– Transport: Train, Coach and Grand Taxi all run between main cities
– Medina: an old town or historic centre which is found in most cities.
– Souk: the market place and most popular place for shopping in most cities.

Trip Tips
– Travel with caution. Never carry excessive amounts of cash on you and beware of pickpockets in places like souks or markets.
Dress appropriately with a similar level of modesty as the locals, particularly for female travellers. Light cotton pants and kaftans can be purchased in the souks.
– Most locals do not eat in restaurants as they are generally touristy and quality of food is low. Take the opportunity of cooking classes in someones home.
– Do not drink the water. Avoid eating anything that is served raw after being washed like salad items.

1. Casablanca

Casablanca is Moroccos largest city and most popular point of entry into the country due its large international airport. See more Casablanca details

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2. Chefchaouen

Known as the Blue City for its pastel blue houses that stand huddled together like a reflection of the sky above. This is a popular destination not only for it’s photo worthy, smurf inspired town but for the nature that surrounds it. See more Chefchaouen details

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3. Fez

This city is known for its for old world feel with its ancient medina, museums and souk market place giving it a very traditional Moroccan vibe. See more Fez details

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4. Marrakech

Get lost in the medina or old town of Marrakech. This is one of the most charming and colourful medinas in the country. See more Marrakech details

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It’s no wonder that Essaouira was used as the backdrop for a number of the Game of Thrones episodes. Just a short trip from Marrakech, you can walk on the sandy beach and between the white washed walls of the old city. See more Essaouira details.

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Desert tour

Take a four wheel drive from Marrakech deep into the Sahara desert with a trusty guide. Sleep between the sand dunes under the stars and go home with memories you will never forget. See more Desert Tour details

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