Where to go

1. Ulcinj
2. Budva

Montenegro is a small country that packs a big punch of natural beauty. The sea, lakes, canyons and mountains create a diverse landscape that is worth exploring in either Summer or Winter. Although it neighbours popular Croatia it is often skipped over by travellers. The heat of summer on the coast and the heavy snow fall over the mountains in winter make it a holiday destination where you can always take in the beautiful scenery. Following the Europe Gap Map, it’s best to visit Ulcinj and Budva during July. See below for directions and map.


To arrive in Montenegro, follow The Gap Map itinerary link available on the main Europe page. Take an overnight bus from Skopje in Macedonia to Ulcinj in Montenegro. This will save you paying for a nights accommodation and you won’t waste a whole day sitting on the bus! Book your tickets when you first arrive in Skopje so that you have them in advance.

Scroll down to see the details on Montenegros cities.


1. Ulcinj

This charming seaside town has a lot to offer. Small town charm is what Ulcinj has that other places on Montenegro’s coast doesn’t. See Ulcinj details

2. Budva
Also known as the Montenegrin Riviera this is the main tourist hub of Montenegro over the summer months with the rich and glamorous heading to the famous Sveti Stefan island resort. Budvas pumping seaside metropolitan is worth visiting for the Gap Mappers aswell for its nightlife and antique old town. See Budva details


Read the directions for moving on to Croatia with care on the Budva page. There are a few connections to be made.