Where to go

1. Ohrid
2. Skopje

Quick Tips
  • The Republic of Macedonia is part of the former Yugoslavia which is why it is officially referred to as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and you will often see the abbreviated version FYROM.
  • The currency is the Macedonian Denar. The conversion rate to the Euro makes it a very affordable destination in general.
  • The slavic language spoken is Macedonian.

Go from Albania straight to Ohrid by catching a 3 hour bus from Tirana to Struga, a town just north of Ohrid. From there you can easily get a taxi to Ohrid for about 5 Euros taking only 15 minutes.

Scroll down for info on Macedonian cities.

macedonia route


1. Ohrid

This lake side town is Macedonia’s most popular destination for its glittering waters. The lake stretches out for 34 kilometers almost resembling an ocean and making it one of Europe’s deepest bodies of water. This is a relaxing destination for outdoorsy Gap Mappers. See more Ohrid details.

2. Skopje
The capital city of Macedonia is a mix of modern developments and historic features that surprise travellers who arrive with low expectations of a city that is rarely talked about. Underground churches, Turkish bazaars and ancient fortresses await you. See more Skopje details


Take an overnight bus from Skopje to Ulcinj in Montenegro. This will save you paying for a nights accommodation and you wont waste a whole day sitting on the bus. Book your tickets when you first arrive in Skopje so that you have them in advanced. You can do this at Skopje station.