The Greek Islands offer the perfect mix of relaxing on the beach by day…. and partying all night at the bars. Despite problems with the economy for the locals, it can work in your favour as a Gap Mapper with a tight budget. There are plenty of options for good value accommodation and food. Kick back, order a cocktail and take in the amazing ocean views.


Following The Gap Map itinerary it is possible to get from Turkey to Greece by ferry. Prices often vary depending what company you book through. The cheapest route is usually Bodrum to Kos. Visit the ticket offices in person if you have time to get quotes but always check on line as well. The two sites below often have the cheapest tickets:
Bodrum to Kos Bodrum Express Lines 17 Euro
Bodrum to Kos Feribot 17 Euro


1. Kos

This island is a convenient and cost effective way to travel from Turkey to the more popular party islands of Greece, although Kos has some beautiful untouched areas of its own that are worth seeing.
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2. Santorini
This is the picture perfect island that looks like a post card. Blue and white houses, churches and hotels cascade down a steep rocky cliff face that drops into the sparkling ocean. Spend your days taking in the views that stretch on for miles. You may have to splurge a bit here as it’s popular with tourists and honeymooners for its romantic atmosphere and five star hotels. Every penny will be completely worth it once you see the Santorini sunsets.
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Ocean views in Santorini Greece

3. Ios
This island doesn’t have the picturesque white houses of Santorini but what the town lacks in beauty it makes up for in the night life department. The town centre is a tangled web of tiny lane ways with hole in the wall bars. Each venue is full of young travellers taking the shot challenges and dancing on tables.
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4. Mykonos
This island has a quiet white washed town center by day and a well known party scene by night. Between the beach bars and the night clubs you’ll have plenty to keep you busy on this little party island. See more Mykonos details


5. Athens
The Capital. The Acropolis. The Parthenon. The history. The architecture. It’s not a trip to Greece until you’ve been to Athens. See more Athens details.

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The public transport system from Greece on to other countries is not very efficient. The Europe Gap Map route suggests taking an overnight bus from Athens to Tirana, the capital city of Albania. This is the most direct and cheapest route on offer. The overnight bus also saves you from paying for a nights accommodation and stops you from wasting a day travelling when you could be exploring! You will see on the Gap Calender/itinerary link provided on the Europe Gap Map page, it is suggested to stay only one night in Tirana. It is just a quick stop over as a means to continue on to Ohrid in Macedonia and other more exciting destinations. However, if you decide you would rather skip Albania you can instead take a 6 hr bus from Athens to Thessaloniki in Greece . In Thessaloniki you can stay the night and continue the following day from Thessaloniki to Ohrid in Macendonia to link back up with the route. However this will take a couple of changes in between.

Break down:
Option 1:
Athens > Tirana – around 35 Euro, Overnight Bus 10 hrs.
Tirana > Struga – around 15 Euro, 3.5 hr bus.
Struga > Ohrid – 5 Euro, 15 minutes Taxi
Total= 55 Euro, 14 hrs.
See map of route

Option 2:
Athens > Thessaloniki- around 45 Euro Bus. 7 hrs. Depart 22:00 – Arrive 05:00
See time table
Thessaloniki > Florina – 13 Euro Bus, 3hrs
Florina > Bitola – around 30 Euro taxi across border 40 mins
Bitola> Ohrid – 1 hour bus
Total= 90 Euro (estimate), 12 hrs.
See map of route

Cheap Eats in Greece

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