Where to go

1. Berlin
2. Munich

Germany is an exciting place to be at any time of year but most of all during Oktoberfest. Celebrations happen all around the country but Munich is the official city for the event where a show ground is put up every September. However there is much more to Germany than just the steins. The rich war history and memorials are a sobering thing to discover first hand in Berlin and the architecture and dark cathedrals that tower over Munich. See the snowy mountains, busy squares and taste the hot germany sausages from street stalls around the cities to keep you warm while visiting Germany.

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Follow The Gap Map itinerary and there are two options to get to Berlin in Germany.

Option 1:
Catch an overnight bus from Amsterdam to Berlin which costs around 22 Euro with Eurolines coaches departing at 11:15 PM arriving at 9:15 AM. Keep in mind that this saves paying for a nights accommodation but it’s important to check the dates on the Gap Map itinerary and calendar because in this case it’s necessary to leave the night before to arrive in Berlin on time. Book your coach here.

To stay an extra night in Amsterdam see option 2 below.

Option 2:
Catch the train in the morning from Amsterdam to Berlin. Tickets range from 40-60 Euro with Bahn and the trip takes around 6 hours. Book up to a month in advance to get the lower priced tickets and keep your eye out for promotions. Book here.

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Germany’s capital and centre for all things cultural, political and artistic. When visiting Germany this is the city you cannot miss. Enjoy visiting museums, art galleries and beer gardens by day as well as famous night clubs and live entertainment by night. See more Berlin details here.

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The home of Oktoberfest! Get your Dirndl and your Lederhosen on for some stein clinking in the famous beer tents. See more Munich details here

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Follow The Gap Map itinerary and go by bus from Munich to Prague in the Czech Republic.

Buses are usually the most efficient way to get from Munich to Prague and they take around 6 hours direct. Trains to Prague require a number of changes and actually take longer.

Czech Transport have direct buses with tickets priced between 15 and 30 Euro depending on demand. See offers here.

Eurolines buses are generally priced around 23 Euro but often have promotion prices. See offers here

Student Agency buses can often be the cheapest option however their online booking system is not the easiest to navigate. See the instructions here.

Flixbus is usually the most expensive but if you are lucky to book a promotion price it can be as cheap as 5 Euro. Check prices here