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Europe’s Migrant Crisis

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Since 2015 Europe has seen a large influx in migrant populations resulting in varied opinions on what the consequences will be.

Hundreds of thousands of people seeking refuge from unstable conditions in their home countries flee to Europe through its Eastern boarders. Politicians in favour of opening boarders to assist migrant activity have seen a fall in the polls with citizens scared of what effect this will have on the EU. Applicants for asylum are offered opportunities in the local job market in many cases. With the hope to integrate refugees into society the aim is to give them opportunity to contribute to the community. On the other hand, it is also seen to pose a threat to citizens in their search for employment with the increased demand. Fears of supporting the large migrant population financially are out weighed by the concerns of increased terrorism. This is countered by politicians who claim that extreme acts of violence and terror were already present before the increase of migrants.

Italian coast guards have reported multiple instances of turmoil at sea with migrants desperately hoping to make it to safe shores in vessels that struggle to stay afloat. Over crowded boats are causing men to jump overboard and swim for their lives toward rescue vessels with over 6000 being saved off the coast of Libya on one day alone. Heart wrenching footage and images of mothers and babies shed light on the dire fate they face on their journey.

Countries such as Scotland have participated in a relief campaign to donate clothes, food and other aide to boarder areas experiencing a high influx. On the contrary, countries like Germany have seen a rise in anti immigration groups who protest for the boarder regulations to become more rigid to protect their country from saturation.

The question of whether refugees should be granted asylum or boarders should increase security is one that will remain debatable as numbers continue to rise.

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